About Me!

About Me!

Hi there! I am pendragon! Sometimes I am known online as pendragon, pendragonscode, pendragon's code or pendragons-code. I am someone who is pretty much less than a speck of dust in this vast world, a boring person with absolutely no capacity for anything at all, wandering through the chaos. My lack of any intelligence at all condems me to a life of mediocrity, forever overshadowed by those who possess true brilliance.

I am personally interested in content of anything in the fields of math, science, politics, geography, history and culture.

Additional info!

That being said, if you ever find yourself lost, remember to avoid following my lead. I possess a remarkable talent for navigating every path except the right one. Consider me the human embodiment of an anti-genius force field. My appearance alone is like a catalyst for diminishing IQ, causing a significant reduction that surpasses the computational capabilities of the most advanced super-quantum computers. It would take an absurdly extensive period for them to even scratch the surface of accurately representing the magnitude of the intellectual decline caused by my presence.

Me playing with a really old rpi v1.2 board.

My Experience!:

To be transparent, my expertise lies more in engineering, particularly in computer engineering. In my earlier days, I dabbled with low-level ASIC projects, though I'll admit I struggled a bit with them. Serendipitously, I found myself drawn to Linux, where I delved into the kernel and DKMS. I also experimented with Raspberry Pi clustering, but eventually shifted most of my work to VDSs or VPSs. Programming became a natural progression for me, especially considering my colorblindness. Despite leaving behind kernel and ASIC development, I've explored various programming languages like Java and Python, along with web development technologies. Lately, I've been contemplating game development as a potential side hobby. Who knows where that might lead?

Here is what I have played around with before:

Fun with IoT.

Way before I got a laptop or really set my foot down as an engineer/programmer, I have always been interested in robotics, electronics and things in that vein. One of those things that also hooked my interest, was IoT.

More so than ever, IoT is getting more and more integrated into our households, for us, we see the integration of IoT taking place in front of us. Be it television, fridges, lights and fans, IoT is slowly, but surely becoming a huge thing in our lives.

Here is a simple list of devices that I have worked with before:

I have explored using things like pneumatics and hydraulics to play around with making an automated dispenser (the pneumatics and hydraulics opened the door) as part of a sanitary covid resource distribution project in school. Beyond that, I have also taken part in competitions aligning in this sector.

An example of a project that I submitted for competition is ALZ-care, one of the submissions of MakeX 2021 Singapore.

A system that differentiates via barcodes.

What I am doing now!

Right now I am learning more about programming and am learning more about full-stack web development and things in that vein. I have changed a lot and witnessed a lot of self growth in this transition from computer engineer to programmer. It has been a wild ride XD. I am no longer participating in political-science events like I did in high-school as I am now more focused to work on programming and ensuring I have a foot in this place. Right now some of my projects mainly wrap around using electron, some AI and making an API all together. I am hoping to create something that I can use in daily life and not just some dumb IoT project like a light switch with a motor and a webserver. I am personally hoping to work with games on and off the browsers and as of late I have played with some voxel engines and also made a few simple HTML games like blacktea (note that this project was a proof of concept and is now abandoned).

I hope that this year will be the year where I get to learn more about tech in general and have the chance to do more stuff like playing around with servers (My homelab is honestly too weak).


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