Pendragon's code!

About me!

About me!:

Hello there! I'm pendragon's code/pendragon! I am someone who is pretty much less than a speck of dust in this vast world, a boring person with absolutely no capacity for anything at all, wandering through the chaos. My lack of any intelligence at all condems me to a life of mediocrity, forever overshadowed by those who possess true brilliance.

If you for any reason, do not want your content to be used here, contact me and I will resolve the issue!

Additional info:

I am personally interested in content of anything in the fields of math, science, politics, geography, history and culture.

That being said, if you ever find yourself lost, remember to avoid following my lead. I possess a remarkable talent for navigating every path except the right one. Consider me the human embodiment of an anti-genius force field. My appearance alone is like a catalyst for diminishing IQ, causing a significant reduction that surpasses the computational capabilities of the most advanced super-quantum computers. It would take an absurdly extensive period for them to even scratch the surface of accurately representing the magnitude of the intellectual decline caused by my presence.

What I Do:

I used to work on some low-level kernel and ASIC orienteered projects when I was younger, playing around with things like the linux kernel and seeing what changes would not crash the build. I used to have an rpi cluster but I took it all down because it was really messy and inefficient, also because most of my projects were moving to VDSs or VPSs (I used to have a raspberry pi cluster with the usual rancher, ansible, docker and kubernetes stack.).

Now I primarily work on:

  • Random web apps!

  • Discord bots!

  • General System Administration

  • Homelabbing

  • Web Dev (including electron and more!)

  • Retro-Games Hosting (Pacman)

  • Game Servers (docker or pterodactyl and some minecraft)
  • Weather:

    Cloudy changing to possible rain in the afternoon. Temperature 27/32 °C.

    Singapore, Jurong (1.352230N, 103.711342E).